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06 February 2015 @ 12:00 am
[sticky post]  
hotaru_hikari ⇨ caustico
please go to caustico for new graphics and whatnot.
i needed a fresh start, and some of my icons here make me cringe when i look at them.

✖ If you use anything from this community, crediting is essential, unless I say otherwise. For how to credit, see below.
✖ When using anything from here, commenting is a must. Then I will know who has used my stuff, and feedback is always love!
✖ No stealing! I take time creating the graphics posted on here, and it's unfair if you steal! Claiming as your own, or taking off my credit is stealing!
✖ No redistribution. This applies on LJ, and outside of LJ too. If I see people re-posting my graphics on other sites or on their journals, I will take action. The only other place where re-posting should ever occur is on my own Tumblr account.
✖ No hotlinking! Please upload the images to your own host, for example, Photobucket or Imageshack, to avoid my bandwith being wasted!

If visitors are aware of any rule-breakers, please report them to me. I will be very grateful.

✖ As I mentioned before crediting is mandatory! Don't take anything without giving credit in the sidebar, or on your profile page. By crediting, I mean to link back to either this comm or my personal/fanfic writing journal. You can do this with a link back to this community on the 'Manage Userpics' page.
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